Living in Israel

Friends of mine came back to live in Israel after two years in Canada.
"Why'd you come back?" I asked.
"It was boring there," they said, "Living in Israel is harder, but at least things happen here!"

Living in Israel is interesting. 
Interesting like that Chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times'.
What you'll find in this part of the site are stories I hope will illustrate what life in Israel is like.

Come, have coffee with me :-) Let's start in the White City that truly never sleeps:

We can go to one of the cafe-kiosks in Tel Aviv, where wifi is free and everyone is working on their amazing new startup - 

cafe kiosk in Tel aviv

The Tel Aviv Beach is famous. It is a perfect microcosm of the Israeli experience, and the perfect escape to when we need to relax for an hour:

On the roof of Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv you'll find an entire city-farm.

Take the tour and learn Aquaponics 101 !

Tel Aviv is really made for walking. Here's everything you need to know to enjoy your walk about town:

In the summer, the Pride Parade paints the streets in rainbow colors - Tel Aviv is the most gay friendly city in the world!

Tel Aviv gay parade

Because EVERYBODY wants to be in Tel Aviv, getting around the city requires 'Tushiya' - resourcefulness and creativity. Here are some of the alternative modes of transportation the locals resort to:  

Residents of the Negev Desert - the southern half of Israel, sometimes feel that Tel Aviv is a bubble. Tel Avivians tend to think that the Negev is "Far".
Let me tell you, Be'er Sheva is an hour's drive from Tel Aviv. I grew up in the desert, and this is the not-funny side of it:

the negev desert economics of stone throwing

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