Illustrated War Journal

War Journal 01

יומן מלחמה 2023
War Journal 2023

Drawn in real time by Israeli Artist Netta Canfi

When Israel was brutally attacked on October 7th, 2023, the part of my soul that creates images simply shut down.

After two weeks of dumb grey nothingness, I took out my sketchbook and started an Illustrated War Journal.

I'll upload the pages as I draw them.
They will probably not be in order of events, and style will likely change all over the place, because I'm not planning this out. 

This is how I process what happens to me.

The texts are in Hebrew and integrated into the drawings, like in a graphic novel.

I've added translations below the images. Maybe I'll write some of them in English.

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Drawing go left to right:
This is what a "Safe Room" (Mamad) window looks like when it's closed.

When I rented this apartment, I never thought I'd ever use the "Safe Room".

On Saturday Oct. 7th, I got up at around eight-is. 

Marina texted me. I still didn't understand anything.

- u awake?
- just woke, what's up?
- watch the news, it's the second Yom Kippur war.

She broke her arm, that worried me much more.


The rockets started. 
And didn't stop.

Then the NEWS started.
And didn't stop.


Of the first week I mostly remember piles of card board boxes, for the soldiers.
For the evicted. for babies. for kids.


This double-spread goes right to left. If the changes in direction confuse you that's OK, it's just how it feels.

Art Supplies Donations

Friends, and strangers and family
loaded up my car and gave lots of materials and money
to set up creative activities for the evicted kids.

At the bottom of the crayon box Marina donated there was a Hamsa (a charm to ward off the evil eye):
beat up and pealing in places, it's my lucky charm now.

The activity gave-is giving-will give some relief and a moment to breathe for those who have lost everything.


But me - nothing. Haven't painted for two weeks. it won't come out. I was in shock.

(grey title: Silence of the Muse)

war journal 07illustrated Hebrew lettering of the word "Shelter" (mi-klat)

I remembered these shelters, we used to play on their concrete roof ramps when we were kids.
We had one in my elementry school, and it was a bit scary to climb up the top ramp. Or rather, it was a bit scary coming down from it, because of the steep slope. It had no guard rails.
I rather liked the place. It's where the arts and crafts workshop was.
In the shelter.

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