What Region is Israel in?

In short: the State of Israel is in the Middle East region.

If you've ever wondered what Israel looks like on a map, here's an infographic to take you from globe level all the way to Jerusalem :)

Below the graphic are the answers to some common questions about Israel and the region. I hope you find them useful!

Infographic: Where is Israel? What region is Israel in? and Where is Jerusalem?

Q&A: Where is Israel?

What region is Israel in?

Israel is in the Middle East region.

Were is Israel located?

What continent is it on?

Israel is located at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, at the junction of three continents. 

Israel itself is in Asia.

The entire region is a junction between Asia, Africa and Europe.

What's the capital of Israel?

The Capital city of Israel is Jerusalem.

For the Jewish people it has always been our capital, since King David settled there some 3,000 years ago.

In 2017 President Trump, Vice President Pence and State Secretary Pompeo led the USA in recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

On May 2018, they finally moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a dramatic gesture, as a gift for Israel’s 70th Independence Day. 

Other countries followed, a few on the very same day, others over time, as it suited them. 

Moving your embassy to Jerusalem is all the rage in diplomacy for anyone wanting to make friends with us.
Moving it back to Tel Aviv is how new governments signal a right turn (or left! it depends).

Still, the U.N. and many other nations have opted to keep their embassies in Tel Aviv and avoid this explosive matter altogether.

The Palestinians now claim Jerusalem as their capital as well, and most peace plans initiatives involve declaring the eastern part of Jerusalem (Al Quds) as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

What country is Jerusalem in?

Jerusalem is in Israel.

How big is Israel?

The exact number of square miles depends on how you count, usually meaning with or without the West Bank. 

The current size of Israel, with this disputed area is 22,072 km2 (8,522 sq mi).
That's slightly smaller than New Jersey, USA.

It is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Israel is 430 km (268 mi) from top to bottom,
and 115 km (71.4 mi) across at the widest point. 

What countries border Israel?

To the North: Lebanon

North-East: Syria

East: Jordan

South: The Red Sea.
Saudi Arabia is just 15 km (9.5 mi) further south.

South-West – Egypt (Sinai Peninsula)

West – the Mediterranean Sea.

The closest country by sea is Cyprus.

How many people in are there Israel?

The current population is nearing 9 Million. (2020)

What's the time in Israel?

GMT+2, or in daylight saving time, GMT+3.

Are the days of the week different in Israel?

Yes, in a way. Since it is a Jewish state, it follows the Hebrew calendar.

The first day of the week is Sunday, and in fact in Hebrew it's called "Yom Rishon" meaning the First Day.

Week days are Sunday to Friday,
and Shabbat - Saturday, is the official day of rest.

On Shabbat many places are closed and there is almost no public transportation.

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