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Church of Mary Magdalene Postcard and Coloring Page

Illustrated trip to the Church of Mary Magdalene: A coloring page and a postcard - see all the stages of the drawing, and pics from my trip there

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Hand Drawn Jerusalem Postcard

Jerusalem Postcard arrived for you: Free download and a story of three hand-drawn postcards I made on my last trip to Jerusalem

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Sketches from a day trip to the Old City in Jerusalem

Yesterday I went with good friends to see the Old City of Jerusalem. I Haven't been there in 20 years!
Here are three sketches that I drew on-site:

Illustrated log Jerusalem - Church of the Redeemer

View in the Cardo, Jerusalem

Illustrated log, Hurva Synagogue, Jerusalem

Home Made Hummus Recipe

Step by step hummus recipe - how to make it and how to serve this staple of Israeli food :)

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Rekab Brush Factory

A Visit to the Rekab Brush Factory - See how these fabulous art and make-up brushes are made!

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Harvest Coloring Page - Ruhama, Israel

Realistic Harvest coloring page for Shavuot- aerial view with hot air balloon of the fields and badlands of Ruhama in Israel

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Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 2019

The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is coming to Israel! we've put together all the useful links to get you Eurovision ready:

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Eurovision Update: Madonna is coming!

Snow in Jerusalem

It's official! Madonna will sing two songs on the 2019 Eurovision.

Another super-woman will make an appearance as well: Gal Gadot is coming home for the event.

Hoping for snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem
The question everyone's asking is: Will it catch?
Jerusalem is gearing up for the first snow in five years.
Schools will close from 15:00, and the mayor has already prepared salt and a couple of tractors to clear the roads to the capital.

Of course, all the Olim from the former USSR are laughing in amazement at how two flakes of snow bring this country to a standstill; but let's face it, we're much better at summer.

Israeli Eurovision Winners

Israeli Eurovision Winners: Videos and behind the scene stories of Israeli songs in the Eurovision Song Contest

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Dana International - Winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest

Israeli pop icon Dana International burst into our lives at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest, and changed our image from dusty desert to colorful feathers

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In your head - a Dede Paste Up Graffiti

I was headed for the falafel Hakosem on King George street when I saw this in a niche near a kiosk. I love Dede! I saw you have a collection of his work.

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Tel Aviv Street Art

Tel Aviv street art explained - political, religious and funny graffiti in Israel, and what it says about life here

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Tel Aviv Graffiti Artist

Some Tel Aviv Graffiti Artists sign their works by a tag - Dede, Sened and others. It's always fun to recognize a familiar style - like meeting a friend.

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Hebrew Text Graffiti on the walls of Tel Aviv

A great deal of the graffiti in Tel Aviv textual. Text graffiti, it seems, is more natural than pictures to the People of The Book.

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