Israeli Art and Culture

Israeli art is as diverse as the Israeli people are. Lets take a look at some local forms of expression :)

Mazel Tov! funny graffiti in Tel Aviv

Graffiti and Street Art

Tel-Aviv Street Art:

Take a tour in the ever changing graffiti scene in the White City:

Kufsonit riding a cloud: graffiti by Sened

Right to Left:

The special case of text-based graffiti in Hebrew:

דג מחיר Hebrew text-based graffiti

Graffiti Bingo: Have you seen a Dede today?

See if you can spot a few recognizable graffiti artists working in Tel Aviv:

Dede Graffiti, round faces and a band-aid

An Artists' Travel Journal

HaBonim Beach: Out on a perfect day to find Plein-air painting locations:

Jerusalem Postcards:

The story of three Jerusalem paintings

Tel Aviv Urban Sketchers go on a day trip to Tivon

We had a great time and met some amazing artists:

Drawing of a girl drawing

Church of Mary Magdalene:

A visit to a unique church on the Mount of Olives

Israel Illustrated

Three Shoa graphic novels tell the story in a (sort of) chronological order:

Three Shoa graphic novels: Anne Frank's Diary, The Boxer and Second Generation

The Israeli Flag: 

Great graphic design and a tool for making political statements

The Israeli Flag

Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest

Douz Point!

Israel won the Eurovision Contest four times so far. See all the winners:

Netta Barzilai, Eurovision Song Contest winner of 2018

How Dana International Made Israel FUN!

Dana International blowing a kiss

The 2019 Eurovision Song contest took place in Tel Aviv, and we followed it closely:

Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv

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