Tel Aviv Graffiti Artists Who Are Leaving a Mark

If you follow the Tel Aviv graffiti scene you'd eventually start recognizing some of the artists.
A few sign their names, others have a distinctive style.
Allow me to introduce some favorites:

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Dede, woman's portrait, Tel Aviv Street art.
Dede - squirrells in Shlush alley, south Tel Aviv

Dede, a large wall covered in a three part drawing
Dede, a large wall covered in a three part drawing -2

Dede - stretching out graffiti

The Bandaids paste-ups

Band aid woman paste-up by Dede in Tel Aviv

I think this is the very first picture of Tel Aviv Graffiti that I took when I moved to the city, in the summer of 2003.

I was walking along King George street, and it caught my eye, in the gap between two buildings.

As far as I know, the Band-aids are Dede's work too. But I need to corroborate this.
I'll update when I know for sure.

Band aid woman's eyes paste-up by Dede in Tel Aviv.
Moon faces by Dede, Tel Aviv Street art


Foma - Delicate drawings in paste-ups, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Foma - Strange delicate creatures

Sened and his Kufsonim

The Last Supper graffiti, Kufsonim by Sened
Kufsonim - Female pirate charging on a monster cloud! Tel Aviv street art. This one was hiding in the stairwell of my building...

Even though they are not always signed, I know this is by Sened for two reasons:

1. It's a Kufsonim graffiti, very easy to recognize.

2. I know the guy, LOL. 

There's some real feminism in the Kufso-verse. Lots of powerful female characters. It's one of the reasons I like them so much.

Kufsonim characters drawn on what looks like a hammered tin can, and nailed to a lamp post in the center of Tel Aviv.

The Kufsonim are Seneds very own original creation. 
"Kufsa" in Hebrew means "Box".
"Kufsonim" is the cute funny name he invented for these little boxy creatures.

They are small, often hidden in corners or at the bottom of walls.

They've got quite an extensive universe by now. 
In the big picture above is a Kufsonim version of Da-Vinci's Last Supper. 

He also depicted David and Goliath, Vikings, and lots of other scenarios. 

Amazing layers of graffiti, creating a rich grunge texture. Tel Aviv street art with a viking kufson character.

I just LOVE the grunge texture on this wall! 

David and Goliath Kufsonim
Dripping cloud. Tel Aviv street art.
Layered graffiti - Sened's stitch under a Foma pasteup.

Take a look at this one again:
See the black "stitch" line at the bottom, partly covered by Foma's paste-up?

That's Sened too. 

He told me. 
At some point he started drawing these "stitches" all around Tel Aviv. 
He has a couple of more marks:

A black drip, in the style of the cloud in the previous picture, 
and a dashed-line square, or an arrow.

Spot the arrow? And the Kufsonim? And the Miyazaki homage on the right?

Look at the bottom of this wall here:

You can see a dashed arrow, next to an unfinished sketch of Kufsonim.

I love knowing this, it's like being in on a little secret :-)


Enigmatic Technological Graffiti.AME

Enigmatic Technological Graffiti. In such a hi-tech city I'm surprised there aren't more like this.

AME Playmobil Graffiti

A graffiti of a Playmobil Man, spraying a dotted-heart graffiti. 

Playmobil Graffiti in Tel Aviv Bograshov Street

Often, graffiti artists share the same wall.

Here is "Dag Mehir" and MazelTov respectfully sharing a street corner with the playmobils.
Textual graffiti in Tel Aviv is a phenomenon worthy of special attention all by itself.

There are more, of course, these are just so easy to recognize.
Tel Aviv is a bustling city with lots of creative people, who have a lot to say.

If you're visiting the city, I've found this good DIY tour that you can walk in Florentine, on the south end of Tel Aviv.

Want more?

Here's more of Tel Aviv Street art,

And something else to consider:
There's a lot of Textual Graffiti in Israel.
This needs some explaining, so I've dedicated an article for it here>>

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