Hand Washing Coloring Pages

The entire world is learning how to wash our hands properly in order to protect ourselves and loved ones from the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

Coloring pages are a fun way to teach the kids how to do it right!

Here are a bunch of handwashing coloring pages as well as some glove love :) Also- don't miss these Fighting-Corona coloring pages here.

Please note that the images below are previews. Use the blue buttons to download the print-quality pages :) 

Stay safe! Stay inside! And wash your hands!

How to wash hands coloring page preview
Hands with lots of bubbles coloring page preview
Glove love! a fun coloring page to help you fight Covid-19

How to Wash Your Hands - the Right Way :)

  1. You must wash your hands with soap. Just water is not enough - you need soap to break up the virus' outer shell to kill it. The good news - any soap will do!
  2. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. 20 seconds are the time it takes to sing "happy Birthday" TWICE. Or else, find a song you like that lasts this long and teach your kids with it.
  3. Use enough soap to cover all the surfaces of your hands, and wash up to a couple of inches above your wrists.
  4. Scrub your fingernails too - step 7 in the hand-washing coloring page.
  5. To dry - use a paper towel if you have it, then use the towel to turn off the faucet. The idea behind this is, that you touched the faucet with dirty hands to turn in on. So now the handle is infected.
  6. Wash your hands often, before you eat or handle food, befoare AND after you treat another person, and immediately once you get back inside if you went out.

Stay safe everyone! 

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