Israel's Impossible Government Ends

Some called it "an experiment". I think, at least we TRIED something different.

Yair Lapid has completed his journey from popular TV host to Prime Minister. I do admire his perseverance.

On covid news, looks like we've moved into the endemic phase. Omicron cases are rising (again) but everyone's pretty much accepted it as a part of life now.

The Minstry of Health recommends wearing a facemask in closed public spaces once again.

It's the first day of Summer. Trust me, on the sunscreen (and if you get this reference you are as old as I am haha).


Israel Illustrated is proud to present our very own Hebrew-English Vocabulary Builder Game:

Lots of family fun for all ages! Learn all about it here>>

HaBonim Beach: A Perfect Re-Start for Plein Air Painting Trips

It's been a long and unusually cold winter, not to mention that other reason we didn't get out of the house for a year! 

Now the parks have reopened and the weather is just perfect, my painting buddy and I set out to find locations for new plein air painting trips. 

HaBonim was on our wish list for a long time - and it's amazing:

HaBonim Beach, Israel

Peace in The Middle East!

After years and years of courting in secret, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are now officially out <3

Peace, flags of Israel and the UAE

Amid the pandemic and all kinds of bad news, this peace accord is like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day.

To our friends in the Emirates, let me welcome you:

سلام‎! Salām! !שלום

Peace update!!!

Bahrain has joined the Abraham Accords.


Peace update #2

Sudan is our friend now, too! Isn't this amazing?

Peace update #3

Morocco is back! Ahlan, friends! We missed you.

I grew up in Beer Sheva, which has a large Moroccan community. My caretaker was a Moroccan woman, and I loved her, I loved the food she made, the joy of her house, and the great warmth of her culture, which for me is cemented into "Being Israeli".

Ever wondered just WHERE Israel is?

Here's a map drill-down infographic, followed by a bunch of Q&A that I hope will put some things in order:

What region is Israel in? Infographic preview

Stuck at home quarantine because of the Coronavirus?

Here are some special and interesting coloring pages for adults and teens, to help you pass the time!

* there's a new glider coloring page - scroll and see!

Adult coloring page preview

Tel Aviv Urban Sketchers go on a Field Trip

In the dead of winter, we set out to draw in Kiryat Tivon. It was so nice to meet face to face with people I've only known thru facebook! I've also discovered a great artist - come and see >>

Urban Sketchers on a field trip

Living in Israel

Stories that illustrate what life in Israel is really like - for example, the Cafe-Kiosk where the wifi is free and everyone you meet has an idea for the next great startup :-)

Now let's eat:

Israel food market

We love to eat. 
Israeli food is the delicious culmination of jewish eating traditions from kitchens all over the world ("you look pale, eat something"), meeting the fresh mediterranean diet. 

Falafel and Humus, juice stands, sushi bars, steak houses, vegan menus and everything in between - we've got it all.
Sit in one of the fashionable sidewalk cafes in Tel Aviv, order a big salad and ice coffee, and you'll never want to leave :-)

Try the recipes for the classic Hummus recipe, and how to make Labane cheese:

Israel Weather and Climate

Israel weather

The weather in Israel is both a challenge and an opportunity. 
For example, practically every house in has a solar water heater, and we solved the worst of our drinking water shortage with desalination technology. 

Still, the heat is part of our daily life, so we need to find ways to live with it.
Find out how we save water, 
And when you go shopping in Dizengof Center, make sure to visit the Hydroponic farm on the roof!

Whatever you do, please don't miss the warning about the Israeli SUN:


The writing's on the wall, especially here. 

What I find so unusual about Israeli graffiti, is how much of it its text, or text based. Walking the streets of Tel Aviv is like reading a coded newspaper. Here's this wall for example, depicting the events of "the Tents Protest":

A quick note about phonetic spelling:

There are lots of names and words on this site that are phonetic transcripts from Hebrew. The way to read them, and pronounce them, are according to the basic vowel sounds:

A – say "ah"

E – "eh"

I – "ee"

O – "oh"

U – "oo"

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