Jewish Holiday Coloring Pages

Happy Purim!

Check out this beautiful collection of original Purim pages for you to color!

Go to the free downloads page here:

Purim coloring pages collection for download

Hi there holiday-colorists! Here is our hand-drawn Holiday Coloring Pages collection for adults and teens.

They are ready to print on an A4 sized paper.

As this is Israel, I plan to create a collection for all the holidays of all the religions in my country: Jewish holidays, Christian holidays and Muslim holidays, as well as Druze, Bahai, Shomeroni and everyone for whom this land is sacred.

It's a work in progress, so check in often to see what's new :)

Happy Holidays!

Hanukkah Coloring Pages 

Hanukkah Menorah

Hannukah menorah coloring page

One of my parent's fabulous menorahs collection: Do you see the oil jug in the center?

Note: This drawing is for an A5 sized paper - half a normal A4 printer paper.


Six types of dreidels to color!

Color in the dizzy spinning toys and have a cheerful holiday :)

Landscape in Harvest Coloring Page, Aerial View

I drew this one for Shavuot - the Jewish Harvest Holiday. 

You can download it right here, but I do recommend you check out some of the color tests I made for it here, as well as see real pictures of this place. 

Though it looks fantastic, this is a real landscape! It's called the Ruhama Badlands. 

Harvest season, view from a hot air balloon, Ruhama, Israel

Don't you just love hot-air balloons?

Tips for Coloring

Here are some basic tips to get you started:

1. Print the drawing on a good quality page.

If you are planning to use crayons, colored pencils or ink, a regular printer page may do. Still, all media looks better on heavier paper.

2. If you are planning to use watercolor, gouache or other water-based media (colors), then you must use a paper that will support water without getting wrinkled.

In this case, consider transferring the design to heavier cardstock, or proper water-color paper, 250gr in weight at least.

3. Digital Painting:

It's a brave new world, people! last week I went to a live-model drawing session, and half the people there didn't bring a sketchbook - they brought their iPad.

You can color these pages on your favourite tablet, using any drawing software you love.

4. Use a light table! (I'm an animator, originally, I just can't let it go :)

Do you have one? Place the printed drawing on the light tible, and trace what you want. You could trace the whole drawing, in your own hand, or parts of it, or - check this out - apply the color straight on!

The results are sure to be interesting! 

What kind of coloring pages
do you want us to make for you?

More Coloring Pages!

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