Stuck in Quarantine? Castle Coloring Pages Will Help You Fight the Boredom

CoronaVirus Monster

Now that we all have to turn our home into our castle, coloring pages are a great way to fight the boredom!

Here are four pages in different styles, something for both the adults and the kids stuck at home. Don't miss the fierce battle on the castle walls between the Corona monsters and the valliant health-workers fighting them! 

Two detailed castle coloring pages for adults to color: 

Inspired by medieval castles, I drew this corona-castle coloring page with realistic details combined by some imaginary ones :)

I deliberated for a while if I should draw the draw bridge (pun intended :) or not, but finally decided to leave it down, as I thought we were not that far gone yet! ofcourse, you could always erase it if you feel the need...

I'm also curious as to what you would choose to fill the moat with.

A corona-shaped, detailed castle coloring page for adults

The second castle is just as detailed but a lot more straightforward, and I just couldn't resist throwing a few alligators in the water there :) 

Click the images to see a full screen preview, but to get a print-quality file please use the blue download button below.

A detailed castle coloring page for adults to print

One doodly castle:

Doodly castle coloring page with a heart at its center :)

... and a depiction of The Corona Battle now raging across the world:

Help the health workers fight the Corona Monsters!

Fighting the Coronavirus monsters off the castle walls! Funny coloring page for people in home quarantine.

These images are previews. To download the print-quality files, please click the blue "download" button. A new browser tab will open and automatically download the zip file to your computer. 

(I do this because the print quality files are much too heavy to display on a webpage.)

I hope this set of pages will provide some fun for everyone in the family, adults and kids alike! 

Stay safe everyone, wash your hands with soap (I made a page for that too!), and let's hope this all blows over soon.

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